Mens Novice Singles Championship

Mens Novice Singles Champions Honour Board from 1982 to the current year

YearMens Novice Singles Champion
2018P Neale
2017B Glazebrook
2016J Pascoe
2015P Ryan
2014M Singh
2013M Nestler
2012No Competition
2011No Competition
2010No Competition
2009R Jendra
2008P Parolin
2007L Paulsen
2006D Caruana
2005M Ephraims
2004N Jones
2003B White
2002L Acworth
2001A Pyle
2000K Martin
1999T Wason
1998A Dent
1997N Kininmont
1996A Dunn
1995G Ellison
1994G Grant
1992/1993W O’Halloran
1991/1992R Van Homrigh
1990/1991H Cox
1989/1990R McPherson
1988/1989W Sowter
1987/1988G Banks
1986/1987B Cox
1985/1986C Butt
1984/1985E Quinn
1983/1984A Carr
1982/1983C Wright

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