Aspley Ladies’ Honour Board

President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Ladies Division from 1960 to the current year


D. Hempenstall, T. Smith, L. McPherson,
M. New, T. Smith, J. Bond, C. Power
1960-61J.M. FrenchJ. Mazor & M. WebbM. Thompson
1961-62J.M. FrenchM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1962-63L.McPhersonM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1963-64R.I. HenshawM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1964-65T.A. CupkaM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1965-66E.D. WelfordM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1966-67E.L. BurkeM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1967-68B.R. MackelM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1968-69A.R. BertwhistleM.M. WebbM.L. Davidson
1969-70M. BertwhistleE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1970-71T. WaltersE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1971-72D. EversonE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1972-73J.L. RichardsE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1973-74I.J. MeadE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1974-75A. CliffE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1975-76G. TurnerE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1976-77K.M. MountseerE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1977-78E.C. KnowlesE.M. HyslopM.L. Davidson
1978-79P.B. TurnerE.M. HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1979-80T. R.KersleyE.M. HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1980-81J.F. ClarkeE.M. HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1981-82V.F. HallE.M. HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1982-83D.M. HempenstallE.M. HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1983-84M.A. NewE.M. HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1984-85D.S. RobertsE.M.HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1985-86E.M.SimmonsE.M.HyslopL.N. Faulkner
1986-87C.M. McMillanE.M.HyslopM.A. New
1987-88P.M. MillerE.M.HyslopM.A. New
1988-89T.M. SmithF.SmartM.A. New
1989-90D.F. DuffieldF.SmartM.A. New
1990-91P. MatchettF.SmartM.A. New
1991-92C.F. HattersleyM.A. NewJ.A. Biekoff
1992-93N RandleM.A. NewP.Miller
1993-94T. SmartM.A. NewJ. Newman
1994-95M.M. WebbM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
1995-96N. RandleM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
1996-97J. BondM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
1997-98S. CookM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
1998-99D. EisenmengerM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
1999-00M. McLaranM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
2000-01BlandfordM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
2001-02L. CoxM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
2002-03P. Van HomrighM.A. NewJ.M. Harker
2003-04G. PrattC.A. PowerJ.M. Harker
2004-05M. MugicaC.A. PowerC. Tucker
2005-06V. WhiteC.A. PowerL.V. Cox
2006-07B.J. NelsonC.A. PowerL.V. Cox
2007-08I. BaxterJ. TyrrellB. McNamara
2008-09B. TupperJ. TyrrellB. McNamara
2009-10S. BondJ. TyrrellB. McNamara
2010-11G. BertramL DixonB. McNamara
2011-12B. PrimeJ. TyrrellB. McNamara
2012-13B. PrimeE.SladeB. McNamara
2013-14J. McErleanE.SladeB. McNamara
2014-15P. JoyceL. CathcartB. McNamara
2015-16L. DixonL. CathcartM.Ord
2016-17J. WatermanL.BlakeM.Ord
2017-18J. GladwinL.CathcartM.Ord
2018-19L. EdwardsL.BlakeM. Lucas

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