Greens Protection Policy – Bowls Aust.



RESPONSIBLE OFFICERS: Audit, Risk and Policy Committee

AUTHORITY: The Bowls Australia Board


APPROVED: July 2017

NEXT REVIEW DATE: June 2019 Page 2 of 2



This Policy acknowledges that greens are the core material asset of clubs and inherently expensive to repair and replace. This applies to both grass and artificial surfaces.

This Policy also acknowledges that through remedial practices the vast majority of bowlers should be able to continue to enjoy and compete in bowls and that bowls will continue to be a sport for life.


The process for a player who is causing undue damage to the green is as follows:

  •  If by observation, the Controlling Body or deputised representative, considers a player is causing damage to a green, the player will be warned;
  •  The skip and manager must be alerted to the warning given to the player;
  •  If in the opinion of the Controlling Body the player continues to damage the green, the player must be required to retire from the game but may be allowed a substitute player as per DR2.3;
  •  If the player fails to leave the green the player will be considered to be a defaulting player and forfeit the game to their opponent as per Law C2 and Law C10, and no substitute will be allowed.
  •  The Controlling Body must advise the home club of the player concerned so that appropriate assistance can be offered to the player.

Clubs have an obligation to assist bowlers to remedy the action or activity that is causing damage.

To assist a player who is damaging the green, the following should be considered:

  •  Attempt to understand how or why the player is causing damage to the green;
  •  Ask the club coach to contact the player and provide some coaching advice;
  •  Modify the player’s delivery;
  •  Discuss with the player options such as obtaining approval to use a bowlers arm;
  •  Use a ground sheet when delivering a bowl;
    • Use a dump mat


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