Conditions of Play – Pennants


Open to all male members both Senior and Junior of Clubs, which are affiliated with the Brisbane North District Bowls Association Inc [B.N.D.B.A.] and subject to the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark 3rd Edition, B.N.D.B.A. By-laws and Conditions of Play governing Pennants.
A player must be a financial member of the Club he represents for a minimum of seven [7] days prior to the date of commencement of play [new members notified by way of a Form 2 from their Club Secretary] to be eligible to play Pennants for that Club. Form 2’s notifying new members must reach the BNDBA Secretary prior to players competing in Pennants.
The Match Committee will disallow any player from playing Pennants if he is un-financial in his Club/s. Is currently under suspension or expulsion in any Club within the District
Where a player has become unfinancial with his Club, he will immediately be ineligible to be selected, compete or continue in the Pennant Competition. Any period for which the player is unfinancial shall not become an eligible period by virtue of the subsequent liquidation of liability.

The Match Committee of the BNDBA shall be known as the Controlling Body. They shall have full control of the conduct of the Pennant Competition as detailed in this document.
Subject to these Conditions of Play, the Controlling Body shall have the power to inquire into and adjudicate any disputes or interruptions as they occur.

No member can play Pennants for more than one [1] Club in any one calendar year. In the event of any member so playing, he will be disqualified from Pennants for that calendar year he plays.

Divisions will play ten [10] rounds, playing each Club within a Division twice on a Home and Away format, as set out in the Official Draw, followed by Preliminary Finals and Finals. While not being mandatory, the Controlling Body shall endeavour to schedule one [1] game each week for each side during the Round Robin. Extra games on weekends may have to be played, especially as a consequence of the clause relating to Inclement Weather / Failing Light.
Where a Division has five [5] or less sides competing, byes will be allocated so as to allow the last Round Robin game to coincide with the other Divisions.

1. Number of Divisions – A minimum of nine [10] Divisions will make up the requirement of a Pennant draw, if sufficient entries are received.
2. Number of Sides – Each Division, where possible, will be made up of six [6] Sides per Division. Clubs are not permitted to have more than one [1] Side per Division. Due to extenuating circumstances, two [2] or more Clubs can form a team [Composite] in any Division. A Club that already has a team in a Division cannot participate in a composite team within that Division as well.
3. Number of Players in a Side – The number of players in a Side will be as follows:
Divisions 1 and 5 – twelve players[12] per side made up of three [3] teams of four [4] players in each team.
Divisions 6 to 10– eight players [8] per side made up of two [2] teams of four [4] players in each team.
4. Promotion of Sides – The side that wins the Pennant in a Division, except for the highest Division, will be promoted if eligible to the next higher Division for the next Pennant season. If not eligible, the next side in order that is eligible will be promoted to the next highest Division. Eligible means the Club has no side in the higher Division. Depending on the Domino effect more than one side may be promoted.
5. Demotion of Sides – The side that finishes on the bottom of a Division, except for the lowest Division, will be demoted if eligible to the next lowest Division. Should that Club have a side in that lower Division, that side will be demoted with a Domino effect on all Divisions until a vacant Division occurs.
6. Player Promotion / Demotion
a. Promotion – A player may be promoted to any higher Division in which a Club has a side. Having played there once he may be demoted to any Division his Club has a side, but no lower than the Division he was originally promoted from. If he plays in the promoted Division for two [2] or more consecutive games, he can only be demoted to the next lowest Division his Club has a Side.
b. Demotion – A player who has not been promoted during the Pennant season can only be demoted to the next lowest Division in which his Club has a Side.
7. Qualification of a Player – A player must play a minimum of six [6] games in a Side or Division to qualify for the Preliminary Finals and/or Finals. Where a Side has qualified to reach the Preliminary Finals and/or Finals and through some unexpected reason a qualified player is not available and no other players have qualified, a player may be used from a lower Division, after consultation and agreement from the Controlling Body, but can only play as a lead, second or third. The number of games to qualify may be varied should a Division have fewer than six [6] sides in that Division. Should there be no lower Division in a Club, consultation and agreement from the Controlling Body is essential.
Special dispensation will be given to Clubs with only one [1] Division in Pennants. In this instance a player must play a minimum of four [4] games in that Division, to qualify for the Preliminary Finals and/or Finals.
8. Incomplete Team or Side – Play may proceed as set out in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Edition.
9. Scoring – The positions of the Sides in each Division will be determined as follows:
a. Determination of Game Winner – The Side scoring the higher number of shots FOR will be the winner and awarded two [2] points. In the case of a drawn game, each side will be awarded one [1] point each. These will be known as Match Points.
b. Margins will be recorded by the Match Committee.
c. The Match Committee will, at the conclusion of each round, record the progressive points, margins ‘for’ and ‘against’ and the proportional result.
10. Finals –
a. The side finishing on top of the ladder [after the Round Robin] in each Division will automatically proceed to the Final of that Division.
b. The side finishing second [2nd] on the ladder [after the Round Robin] in each Division will play the side finishing third [3rd] in that Division in the Preliminary Final.
c. The winners of each Preliminary Final above will contest the final.
d. The winners of the Preliminary Finals and Finals will be the Side scoring the most number of shots.
e. In the event of a tie, at the completion of the game [Preliminary Final and Final] each team in a Side will play an extra end or ends, as required, until a decision is reached.
Note: Players will only be allowed to walk up to the head as follows.
a. The Leads & Seconds: after both the Seconds have delivered their second bowl.
b. The Thirds: after both the Thirds have delivered their second bowl.
c. The Skips: May go to the head after either Skip’s first bowl
d. Restricting the movement of players does not prohibit a player being called to the head by the Skip however care should be taken not to delay play.
e. Delaying Play: No player, excluding Skips, is permitted to remain at the head whilst their opposite number is delivering their bowl. Any Skip that remains at the head shall stand behind the last bowl of the head or retire
Position of Players –Possession of the Rink
(i) Players at the mat end of the rink not delivering a bowl should stand a minimum of one [1] metre behind the mat.
(ii) Players at the head end of the rink must abide as per the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Third Edition.
12. Penalties and / or Forfeits – The penalty for a breach of any conditions relating to Promotion and Demotion of Players will be:
a. During the Round Robin – the loss of maximum points.
b. In the Preliminary Finals and Finals – disqualification of the Side.
Any infringement of any Law, BNDBA By-laws or Conditions of Play for the Competition will involve either disqualification or replay as the Match Committee may determine.
In the case of a forfeiture or disqualification, the Side which has forfeited or was disqualified, will receive no match points and the loss of the average marginal points lost by the losing Sides in that round, in that Division. The Side receiving the forfeit or a win through disqualification will receive two [2] match points and the average marginal points gained by the winning Sides in that round, in that Division.
13. Inclement Weather / Failing Light –
a. In the event of all games in the District being called off on the day, the sequence of the draw as set out will be continued. A decision to play or otherwise, will be made no later than 11:30am on the day of play by the Match Committee. Clubs are responsible to contact a member of the Match Committee regarding information as to the likelihood of play. Players should contact their own Club for information.
b. If during the Round Robin any matches in Divisions 1 to 5 where 63 ends have not been played, a minimum of 80% of ends [50] completed will constitute a completed round. In the event that fewer than 50 ends were played the match will be considered abandoned, not replayed and such games will be declared drawn and each Side will be allocated one [1] game point.
c. If during the Round Robin any matches in Divisions 6 to 10 where 42 ends have not been played, a minimum of 80% of ends [34] completed will constitute a completed round. In the event that fewer than 34 ends were played the match will be considered abandoned, not replayed and such games will be declared drawn and each Side will be allocated one [1] game point.
d. Should any matches be impossible to commence due to inclement weather or an unplayable green at a particular Club or Clubs, and the balance of the remaining matches of that round are able to be completed, then the matches not commenced will be played prior to the Finals, if the result of that particular game or games have a bearing on the overall competition results.
e. If seven [7] or more rounds have been completed and the remainder abandoned, the Round Robin will be regarded as having been completed.
a. In the event of inclement weather during the Preliminary Finals and Final, and they cannot be completed on the day, the unfinished match will be completed at a time and venue to be determined by the Match Committee.
b. Lights may be used if necessary.
Umpires, Officials and bowlers should make themselves aware of the Extreme Weather Policy as detailed on the BA Website.
14. Cards and Rinks – Cards and Rinks must be drawn in the presence of the respective Side Manager of both Clubs competing, by 12:30pm on the day of play. It is the responsibility of each Club to supply their own scorecards. Teams are NOT to be changed after the draw.
15. Practice / Trial Ends – The preparation of the greens at the Host Club will be completed by 11:45am. Players may practice from 11:45am to 12:30pm on the green and in the same direction of play that has been allocated for play, but NOT ON the rinks allocated for that Division. [e.g. if sides have been allocated rinks 1, 2 and 3 then they may only practice on rinks 4, 5 and 6, etc.] Divisions 6 to 9 – two [2] rinks apply.
The call of the cards [refer clause 14] and the inspection of bowls [refer clause 16] will take place after 12:30am and will be completed by 12:55pm.
After the call of the cards at 12:30pm, players may then have two [2] trial ends on their allocated rink. [Law DR .1.1.4]
16. Inspection of Bowls / Temporary Markings [Decals] [Law 52.1.8]
The Umpire of the day will inspect the bowls prior to the start of each Round. Inspection will take place between 12:30pm and 12:55pm. Clubs are requested where possible to provide their players with distinguishing Temporary Markings [Decals]. Players in a side may use markings that are of different sizes but must be of the same design and colour, and when used must be adhered in the same manner to both sides of the bowl: On the bias side- players may use the small ring /and – or the dot as long as the decal does not cover the World Bowls stamp or serial number It is allowable for the small rings to be cut in sections to achieve the outcome of not covering the WB stamp and serial number.
17. Deemed Division of Play – For the purpose of Promotion and Demotion of a Player, the Division in which a player initially plays determines that player’s promotion / demotion path. (Byes are relevant).
18. Commencement of Match – The schedule starting time for the match will be 1:00pm, however may be commenced earlier if trial ends have been completed and the Umpire has inspected the bowls. No play shall start later than 1:45pm. [refer clause 13 – inclement weather]
19. Green Fees – During the Round Robin, green fees will be paid at the players Home Club, at the Club’s ruling rate. For the Preliminary Finals and Finals, green fees will be paid to the host Club and shall be $10.00 per player [$120.00 per side – Divisions 1 and 5] and [$80.00 per side – Divisions 6 to 10].
20. Greens – The width of the rinks in all matches throughout the Pennant season is to be not less than 5.0 metres and not more than 5.8 metres. Clubs are to make their best greens available for Pennants. Should social play be conducted at the Host Club on a Pennant day, and the only green available is that which is being used for Pennants then a one [1] rink gap must be made available between Pennants and the social game. Club Officials should direct their Greenkeepers to have the pace of the greens between 14 and 18 seconds.
The Controlling Body will allocate the greens to be used for the Preliminary Finals and Finals and where possible the allocation will be on neutral greens. However, the Controlling Body has the authority to use non-neutral greens should circumstances warrant such a decision. Clubs with artificial greens will not be jeopardised.
21. Scorecards – Each Club will supply their own scorecards. The respective Club Secretaries must retain Scorecards of all games for the duration of the Pennant season. Seconds must
complete the scorecards during Pennants. [DR 3.1.1]. The finishing time of each rink must be recorded on the score card and signed by the Seconds. [Law & DR 3.2.4]
22. Afternoon Tea –Afternoon Tea is not mandatory, however should clubs wish to offer refreshments during / or at the end of the match it is at their discretion.
23. Ends to be played – Matches for Divisions 1 and 5 will be sixty three [63] ends, that is 21 ends per team within a Side, except where provision is made under Clause 13, Inclement Weather / Failing Light. Matches for Divisions 6 to 10 will be forty-two [42] ends, that is 21 ends per team within a Side, except where provision is made under Clause 13, Inclement Weather / Failing Light.
24. Pennant Colours –
Division 1: – Purple Division 2: – Navy Division 3: – Red Division 10: Orange
Division 4: – Green Division 5: – Gold Division 6: – Light Blue
Division 7: – Camel Division 8: – Black Division 9: – Brown
25. Pennant Flag / Badges – The winning Club of each Division will be presented with a Pennant Flag [under glass] and fifteen [15] Pennant Badges [Divisions 1 and 5] and twelve [12] Pennant Badges [Divisions 6 to 10] in the colours as set out in Clause 24. It will be the responsibility of the winning Club to purchase more badges if required. Orders should be placed with the Secretary of the B.N.D.B.A. The Runners up will be presented with a banner suitably printed.
26. Attire –
A Side may wear the Club coloured attire registered with the BNDBA.
Note: All players must be dressed with the same registered shirt.
Tailored Trousers / Shorts / Drawstring Pants – [cream, white or the Club registered colour] will be permitted. If tailored shorts, short socks or long hose will be permitted. We understand that some Clubs have registered coloured trousers and or draw string pants. Should any player within a side does not have the registered long pants and or draw string pants, he will be permitted to wear traditional bowls attire.
Jackets – The only jackets that can be worn during Pennants are Maroon, White, Cream, Club coloured Jackets or the BNDBA Official Jacket, or any combination within a team. All jackets must display the BA Logo. No other jackets can be worn.
Caps – The only caps that can be worn during Pennants are Maroon, White, Cream, registered Club coloured or BNDBA caps, or any combination within a team. No other caps can be worn.
Incorrectly Attired – Where a player is incorrectly attired, he shall not be permitted to participate until he becomes correctly attired. [Period of Grace – refer clause 27]. The Controlling Body shall exercise discretion where there are extenuating circumstances such as a player replacing an ill payer. It should be noted that sponsors logos or other advertising is only allowed from official sponsors of the Club or District.
Logos and Advertising – Clubs are requested not to allow advertising that conflicts with a Pennant sponsor.
It is the policy of the BNDBA that where Clubs have registered coloured trousers, drawstring pants, etc, members should be encouraged to wear them.
27. Period of Grace – Any Side or team who fails to be in place within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time of 1:00pm shall be regarded as having forfeited. The penalty – Loss of all game points.
28. Electronic Communication Devices – No electronic communication devices [switched on] are to be within six [6] metres of the green whilst a game is in progress. [e.g.] mobile phones, transistor radios, etc. Special dispensation may be given but only after consultation with the Controlling Body.
29. Bowling Aids – Only approved bowling aids can be used. (With certificate of approval available for umpire viewing ) DR 4.11
30. Provision of Umpires – The Host Club is responsible for the provision of a National Umpire. Should a Club not be able to provide an Umpire, they should contact the District Umpires’ Committee for guidance and assistance.
It is the responsibility of Umpires to ensure that all players conduct themselves during the playing of Pennants in accordance with these Conditions of Play, and Host Clubs are to ensure the Umpires are fully conversant with these Conditions of Play.
31. Side Manager’s Duties – Side Managers are responsible to ensure that all members of their respective Division are correctly attired as per the Conditions of Play [Attire – refer rule 26] and are conversant with the Conditions of Play especially clause 11. Side Managers are entitled to correctly adjust the Master Scoreboard as is necessary. Side Managers may in the absence of a Coach for the purpose of giving advice to a bowler act as a delegated Coach’s Deputy (in the Coach’s absence)
32. Allocation of Clubs – During the period at the conclusion of a Pennant season and the commencement of the next Pennant season, Clubs shall be invited to fill their allocated positions by the Match Committee. Clubs that are unable to accept the offered positions should do so in writing to the Secretary of the BNDBA. If a Club wishes to withdraw a side it must be from their lowest division. If a Club is able to field an additional side they should do so in writing to the Secretary, all reallocation of Sides will be at the discretion of the Controlling Body.
33. Combined SEQ Pennant Representation
To avoid any misunderstandings and embarrassment, the District requires the Winners of Pennant Divisions 2 to 5 to be prepared to represent the District at the Combined SEQ Finals. All teams playing off in the final shall have, by the day the finals are played, taken steps to ensure that they will be able to play in these events. If, for a reason deemed acceptable by the District, the winning team is unable to play then the runners up shall be requested to represent the District.
34. Results – The Host Club will be responsible to Fax or Email the results of the day’s play on the official Pennant Result Sheet to the BNDBA office, no later than 5:30pm Saturday, the day of play. Upon receipt, the Match Committee will collate and Email the results to all Clubs prior to the next round.
PLEASE USE A BLACK BIRO ONLY AND PRINT NEATLY. Further it will be the responsibility of the Host Club to notify the results to the Sunday Mail. ONLY GIVE RESULTS, NOT NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS.
35. Failure to Comply – Failure to comply with these Pennant Conditions of Play could result in loss of competition points and / or a $100.00 fine. Fines will be made payable to the Brisbane North District Bowls Association and paid before the next round of Pennants.
Did you know from September 1 2016, smoking has been banned within 10m of any viewing or playing areas if there are Under-18s playing, whether in an event specifically for juniors or in an Open event which may include juniors.
The Smoking Regulations also applies to training and practice sessions, breaks and intervals. The regulations apply, “Anywhere there are Under 18s taking part in a sporting event, and this includes the sport of lawn bowls”.
The new legislation is aimed at protecting children and young adults from environmental tobacco smoke and is also intended to make smoking less visible and discourage young people from taking up smoking.
It is up to the manager of each side to inform the opposition of any minors playing in their side, to enforce the Ten (10) meter rule.
This is a STATE LAW.
Unsportsmanlike like behaviour will not be tolerated
A player or team that believes unsportsmanlike like behaviour is being displayed by another player or team is to be reported in the first instance to his Side Manager, who will discuss this with the opposing Side Manager. If it cannot be resolved, the Umpire must be advised; who will if considered necessary, give a formal warning to the offending player or team. Further, the Umpire may lodge an official report to the Controlling Body, who will investigate the complaint, and if warranted may deduct points from the offending team.

Location TOOMBUL Bowls Club
Cnr. Northgate Road & Flower Street
Postal Address PO Box 323
BANYO 4014
Phone [07] 3256 9115
Facsimile [07] 3266 2581

Players, Side Managers, Umpires and Club Officials are advised to acquaint themselves with the Conditions of Play governing Pennants.
Managers please leave a copy of the days results at the bar, in case of fax failures at the District office or Host Club

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