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The wearing of hats and the provision of iced tap water should be strictly followed on hot days.

The Heat Stress Index Chart shown below shall be used to determine disruption to or cancellation of the game as follows:

A digital Thermometer and Hygrometer is located in the Selectors Office and a Weather Box outside the Clubhouse.

On hot humid days where there is a possibility that players could suffer heat stress, the Games Coordinators rostered on for controlling the game shall, on arrival at the Clubhouse, place the Thermometer/Hygrometer in the Weather Box.


After twenty minutes, the Thermometer/Hygrometer shall be read and if the temperature is 38 degrees or above or when the Heat Stress Index is 43 or above, play shall be cancelled.

If it is determined that play is to proceed, an announcement is to be made prior to commencement of the game that play may be disrupted or cancelled and advice given as to how prize monies are to be allocated if this occurs.


When the temperature reaches 35 degrees or the Heat Stress Index reaches 39, play should be interrupted at 20 minute intervals (at the completion of the end in play) for a minimum 5 minutes drinks break, and move from the green to a cool shady area. If the end is declared dead, players will not restart the end. Any time limit imposed on the interrupted will be waived.

When the temperature reaches 38 degrees or when the Heat Stress Index reaches 43, play shall be suspended. All players must stop playing.
When the games director determines the heat stress index has fallen below 38, play should resume with interruptions to the game until the temperature drops below 35 degrees or the Heat Stress Index below 39 as above.
When the bell is rung, all players shall obey the above instructions.

If individual players are suffering heat stress during these periods, they should be encouraged to leave the green and advised that their team will not be penalised as in these circumstances team prizes shall be determined on a “blind draw” regardless of winners or losers.

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